Here’s how to launch your cause marketing strategy and get the most out of your participation in the Miracle Home or Miracle Property program.

  • Miracle System efficiency

    The Miracle System is the foundation of your cause marketing strategy. Use it to submit and track all your donations and Honor Card contributions to your local CMN Hospital. To get started, log in to your account, set up your payment methods, create your first Honor Card for a client, and then come back after each closed transaction to make your per-transaction donation or Honor Card contribution. Get instructions for accessing your account.

  • Powerful marketing tools

    There are so many promotional tools you can use to show you’re an agent who makes a difference. Add the RE/MAX and CMN Hospitals co-branded logo and your local CMN Hospital logo to all of your marketing. Customize co-branded CMN Hospitals Design Center flyers, postcards and more for agents, teams and offices. Use valuable press release templates to attract local media attention for your donations and fundraising events. Access your marketing tools.

  • Hospital connections

    Your local CMN Hospital is ready and eager to help you connect your brand to the hospital brand to boost awareness, fundraising and your profile as a real estate agent who gives back. They’re also ready to show you exactly where your funds go with a hospital tour. Find your local hospital.

  • Listings that stand out

    You can order Miracle Home and Miracle Property sign riders through all the RE/MAX approved Supplier sign companies on the Shop RE/MAX site at They’re a meaningful and distinctive way to send the message to buyers and sellers that you’ll make a donation to your local CMN Hospital when your miracle listings sell. Plus, you can add the CMN Hospitals logo to your listings through your LeadStreet account.

  • Clients who'll never forget

    Participation is a great way to increase your chances of earning repeat and referral business. Did you know that 88% of consumers, if given the choice, prefer to make a purchase from a socially responsible company or individual? That’s what the 2015 Cone Corporate Social Responsibility Study reveals. It also indicates that 75% of consumers would change brands to purchase from a company or individual known for giving back to their local community. And 80% of consumers would recommend a socially responsible company or individual. When you send an Honor Card to your buyers or sellers after a closed transaction, you’re not just helping kids at your local CMN Hospital, you’re helping your bottom line.

  • Miracle Agent & Miracle Office distinction

    Make a commitment to donating $500 or more each calendar year, and you can market yourself as a Miracle Agent. And when your office donates $2,000 or more in a calendar year, you can also say you’re part of a Miracle Office. You can track your progress right on your Miracle System account dashboard, and when you reach the minimum amount in donations or Honor Card contributions through the system, the Miracle Agent and Miracle Office recognition is automatic. You’ll receive confirmation from CMN Hospitals. All you have to do is tell everyone!

Why do Miracle Agents do it?

Miracle Home & Miracle Property Guidebook

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