Real estate marketing isn’t easy. Neither is treating tens of millions of children who require specialized, expensive healthcare. But through a partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, RE/MAX agents can enjoy a competitive advantage while supporting children’s hospitals and families in their home communities.

If you’re a RE/MAX agent, you’re already among the best of the best. But staying on top in real estate can be a roller coaster. One month, the market is hot. The next, politics, world affairs, or the economy can have buyers pressing “pause.” What you need is a competitive advantage – something that consistently makes you and your business stand out from everyone else in your local market.

This is where the RE/MAX partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals can have a direct impact on your business. RE/MAX and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have collaborated since 1992 when the Miracle Home & Miracle Property Program was first introduced.

When you’re a Miracle Agent, you’ll have three big marketing advantages over the competition.

  • You’re obviously different.

    When you use the marketing assets developed for Miracle Agents, you will have branding tools that immediately say you’re different from the rest. From signage and graphics to Honor Cards, the entire buying or selling experience is enhanced for your clients.

    Jorge Perez is a Miracle Agent in Florida. At the end of each purchase or sale, he reveals that he’ll be making a donation in his clients’ honor. “I’ve seen tears,” he says. “They tell me they got chills. Realizing it’s about more than a real estate transaction and that they’ll be helping children in our home community… it just means so much to them.”

  • You have a story to tell.

    Humans are hard-wired for stories. Now, it’s not about what you are (an agent) but who you are.

    Esther Clarke is a Miracle Agent in Utah. “I didn’t realize what joy was until I saw a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals patient named Carson dance on the R4 convention floor,” she says. Seeing Carson transform from a sick child in need of expensive treatments to a child dancing, carefree, motivates Clarke every day. “They couldn’t do it without us.”

    When you donate in honor of your clients, you’re supporting your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Sometimes, it’s for equipment or technology; sometimes it’s for education or treatment for the most seriously ill children. We trust our member hospitals to make an impact where it’s needed most.

  • You’re memorable. And the most memorable moments are filled with meaning.

    “Being remembered as a ‘Miracle Agent’ isn’t about me being pompous and thinking that I’m the best agent around,” says Jorge. “It’s about being part of something that’s bigger than yourself. So often, we’re so focused on the day in and day out of our hectic work life and busy life overall. But when clients realize you stand for more than a commission, it changes everything.”

    The Miracle Home & Miracle Property Program works because it’s great for both agents and local hospitals. The signage and co-branded marketing materials not only help set you apart as an agent, but it also helps spread the word about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The new awareness opens doors to new conversations and creates lasting relationships among your clients and your community.

Why do Miracle Agents do it?